DUTCHY a dream becomes reality!

Born in the Netherlands from the moment I could walk I joined my father almost every Sunday to a well known cafe restaurant in Rotterdam where he was meeting his friends. Why? Because they had the BEST bitterballen and kroketten (famous Dutch snacks) from the well known brand Kwekkeboom.

I loved them so much that I always eat as much as possible bitterballen and kroketten
each Sunday and I got the nickname KROKETJE from my fathers friends which means small kroket in Dutch.

From the moment I came to China in 1973 till now 40 years later I always missed the kroketten & bitterballen very much. Sometimes on Dutch parties in China people “tried” their best to produce them but even the best chefs could not come near to the originals.
So I am very happy as my dream becomes reality because from June 2013 we will introduce the ORIGINAL bitterballen & kroketten in Guangzhou made according to the old Kwekkeboom recipy!

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