Frikandel China
A frikandel (Dutch pronunciation: [frikɑnˈdɛl] plural frikandellen) is a Dutch snack, a sort of minced-meat hot dog, developed either in 1954 or in 1958/1959 in the Netherlands or Belgium, depending on the source.
It’s a skinless deep-fried sausage, made of chicken and pork.  It can be served by itself or with mayo, in a roll (broodje frikandel) or as we call it a frikandel speciaal, with mayonnaise, ketchup and fresh cut unions.

Frikandellen can also be cut in smaller pieces as party snack.

Our frikandellen are +/- 85 grams. No preservatives or other chemicals are used to make this authentic real Dutch snack.

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